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Started by: Chantastic22 on July 16, 2008

Religion has compelled a lot of people to do a lot of things - and some of them good - but, what about the bad? Or things people have just blamed on religion? ( Edited by Chantastic22 )  

Top Worst Things Religions Done
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i know to most religion is the most important thing in their life. but people who take the law into their hands because "its against their religion" are just pathetic plain and simple.

also people who use religion as and excuse to get out of something really need to GROW UP! if people can't think for themselves that is just sad. our fate lies with people who have certain beliefs and that can be very dangerous. what if they outlaw abortions or drinking/ smoking how is that fair?

Posted 6 years ago

People attack religon to harshly, it's an idea, people are the ones who commit atrocities based on ideas. Such as the crusades cause of the idea religion, or all the death that occurred under Mao or Stalin based on the idea of socialism.

Forcing all people to live under one idea will always occur in tragedy no matter what the idea. Which is why I'm sucha proponent of liberty, let people choose their ideas and structures for their immediate world.

Posted 7 years ago
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