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Started by: Nelson on November 15, 2007

I say these "celebrity nipple slips" are just a way to get publicity... BUT no matter how much I think so, I still like to look. Celebrities. Nipples. Slipping. Goodness. Nelson likey. Yes. ( Edited by Nelson )  

Best celebrity nipple slips
Image posted by Nelson
Sara Varone

"Oh-oh my shirt just fell down. I sure do hate it when that happens!" Righto Ms. Varone. Glad you had your makeup perfect for this accidental nipple slip. Whatever. You do it for the cameras and I look because Mrs. Nelson doesn't let her top fall down anymore. I did not know you were a celebrity. I've never herd of ya, but your nipples stand out jus enough for me to let you in the top five.

Anne Hathaway

The Devil Wears Pretty Transparent Clothes. That's the movie she should have been in. Really Anny, tell it for real. You needs the publicity back when the pavarotti's took yer photo right? Truth told I always thought you looked like a doily. Bring out those frisky numbers and I think maybe not.

Jessica Simpson

These dandies are the bomb or maybe two bombs. There's more plastic in them than the Fisher Price factory, but it don't matter to me. I like them either way. Fake, real, what's the diff? Shes a celeb and thems nips so she's gotta be at the top of this list.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid had those yummy wrap your mouth around em and suck like a baby nippples when I saw American pie before Mrs. Nelson and I tied ourselves a knot that still feels like a raptor eating my guts. Thing is I look at those now and I wouldn't put even some dropped on the floor mutant alien luv creation next to those chopped slabs of ham. Tara you can drink all you want but I say look for a surgon whose sober most of the time. What am I saying? It's all over. That's not a nipple slip and you're no celebrity. This a P-list car crash.

Pamela Anderson

I get this weird feeling when I look at wacko jackos face and i think it's the same with Barb Wire here. From a ways away thems lookin purdy good. Small nipples, good and round, lifting great. slipping out of there just a little too much. Oh no my head is getting sucked into that thing and the closer i get the more I get that wacko jacko vibe again! Theyre not real! Theyre whoopie cushions with skin wrapped around them. Pamela Lee Anderson you're as fake and creepy as one of those wax museum dolls but as much as you weird me out I'd still like to touch your celebrity nipples. I'm a weird guy that's what the doctor always told me.

Eva Mendes

Aba-gabba-dabba-yabba-ya! You loook like yer thinkin but I look crosseyed. Either way, damn them some melons. I see not much nip there, but the rest makes up. 8 out f ten for artistic merit and 9 out of 10 for technikal achievement. Spec-tac-u-liare performance Mz. Mendez!

Adriana Lima

i have to go to an island like this where ladies buy dirty underwear that rips just a little too easy and leaves only nipples to be seen/. Dudes I don't know who Adriana Lima is but I dont care. To me these are some of the best nipple slips i've seen on a celebrity or not-celebrity. Look at them shining back at you saying they want you to oil yourself up too and go to the pool for a game of twister with her twin sister. She probably doesn't have a twin sister but we could just have someone else pretend and I would be okay with that.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly you like an aunt who once was the so dam hot but now you smoke too much and wear clothes that are too tight and listen to Loverboy and April Wine while drinking Jack Daniels but when you hug me I lay into those googleplexs and cry because Johnny hit me at school. Are you a celebrity? I dont know but I'd keep my head there until my mama hit me on the head and tell me to cut it out. They big, they full, they round. Nelson like. That nipple sure is big though and I think it might eat somebody or maybe chew on my ear or something. I dont know, I'm just saying.

Katie Price

Aba gaba hula holla. What is that? You on Starz on ice or something? I call it Starz look nice with that little flash in tha pan. Katie I know nipples and I've been looking closely since I stole my dad's hustlers from the basement closet. I looked and I learned good and that educatoin has me thinking that your nipple action is top shelf. Now you had those things inflated and thats probably because no one knows you. Mrs. Nelson just walked in the room and said who's that? But even if you got a couple of inner tubes in there i think you'll be a celebrity. Just keep dropping your shirt at the right time and I'll start to remember you. Kind of like I remember Tara Reid.


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Posted 2 years ago

Its superb....!!!

Posted 3 years ago

whom wat about china mcclain

Posted 3 years ago

just want to see indonesian celeb in nudes...

Posted 4 years ago

latest celebrity "overexposure" at:

Posted 5 years ago

latest celebrity \

Posted 5 years ago

nyc collection dude.... show me sum more of cameroon diaz n angelina jolie......

Posted 5 years ago

i admit it ... it got me wet

Posted 5 years ago

game girl, it is human nature to look.especialy 4 hetero males. and lesbian trapped in male bodies. by the way your post was here keyword lesbian... have nice day... the word 4 2-day is legs help spread the

Posted 5 years ago

fun for you seems mysoginistic to me

Posted 6 years ago

Relax. It's just for fun. You know... fun?

Posted 6 years ago

u guys are pigs. can't u find something better to do with your time?

Posted 6 years ago
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