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Started by: DGfromMTL on January 18, 2009

Montreal is the home of many legendary eatery landmarks. ( Edited by DGfromMTL )  

Best Classic Montreal Eateries
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Schwartz\'s - Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen

THE mecca of Smoked Meat . World famous Schwartz's, serving the best smoked meat from the original recipe of spices since 1928.

Cafe Santropol

Located in a little coloured house on the Plateau Mont-Royal, Santropol was founded in 1976 with the primary goal of preventing the destruction of that housing row, it is today a laid-back meeting spot, where open minds converse over tasty meals.

Magnan\'s - The Greatest Roast Beef

Magnan is well known for its' famous roast beef and its' year-round culinary festivals. Founded in 1932 by Armand and Marie-Ange Magnan, the family business became one of the restaurants to visit in Montreal. Located in the heart of a former working-class neighborhood, it attracts a clientele from all around Quebec... and the world.

Wilensky\'s Deli

Immortalized in Mordecai Ricler's seminal work the Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Willensky's is still owned by the Wilensky family, has much of the original decor and even some of the original customers! You can still order a Wilensky's Special: grilled salami and bologna on a roll with mustard. There are hot dogs as well. All the meat is beef. There is also an old-fashioned soda fountain in which you can get drinks like cherry-cola, strawberry, cream soda, root beer and egg cream.

Chalet BBQ

St. Hubert and Swiss Chalet owe a debt to this sauce and bird originator. The rotisserie chicken restaurant, this homey joint has been plucking and cooking for over sixty years. In that time, little has changed. The menu, with its all-business brevity and its stalwart favourites (quarter chicken, half-chicken, chicken sandwich, etc.), has drawn regulars for generations. Employing the charcoal, hardwood heating method, Chalet has perfected avian cooking.

Moishe\'s Authentic Montreal Steak House

Montreal’s Jewish community didn’t just give the world Leonard Cohen, Mordecai Richler and William Shatner; it also gave birth to this world-class steakhouse. The defiantly non-kosher menu offers a justifiably famous shrimp cocktail alongside the T-bones and filet mignons, but side dishes like potato latkes and verenikas harken back to the old country.


Montreal has a reputation as one of the few places in the world where steamed hot dogs rule. And while there is a lot of competition among hot dog joints, few have done as well as Lafleurs

St. Viateur Bagel

The legendary St-Viateur Bagel Shop is located in a multi-cultural neighborhood in Montreal. It is truly one of Montreal’s landmarks and has been immortalized in numerous paintings, in films and in books.

Gibeau Orange Julep

A true Montreal landmark and tradition since the thirties.


Immortalized in Ezra Soiferman's documentary film Man of Grease, Tony, his daughter Nikki, and the rest of their family have been serving greasy breakfasts to at least two generations of Montrealers. Cosmos is renowned for the Creation, a hearty breakfast sandwich made on your choice of bread (challah, Russian, marble, whole wheat, etc.) and filled with fried egg, grilled salami, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato. People also love their home fries and will sometimes wait up to 40 minutes if there are none left. Their hamburger steak is a hefty meal, but most come for the breakfasts. Oozing with NDG charisma, Cosmos only seats about 10, but the sidewalk is transformed into a terrasse in the summertime, expanding the capacity to about 20.


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