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Started by: webdesign on January 1, 2009

If you are in New York and looking for the best steakhouses, you will find them listed here. If you know of anything that was missed, please add it! ( Edited by webdesign )  

Top 5 Best Steakhouses In The New York City Area
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Buenos Aires NYC

Some of the best meat in the world comes from Argentina. This place I went to once and got the T BONE which was recommended by the waiter. He was dead on balls accurate, this is the place to go if your near the village and want some meat.

Peter Luger\'s In Brooklyn, NY

I know its crazy to start a NYC list with Brooklyn, but Peter Luger's is the best steakhouse I have experienced in the NY area. You go in and you order the MEAT. It comes on a HUGE white plate and its sizzling. Go with the fresh onion and try their patented sauce that is also amazing and sold at supermarkets around the US.

Smith And Wollensky

This is a CLASSY joint out of the Frank Sinatra days. Old school class with elite level service and prices. Worth it once to experience the upscale of millionaires. Dinner will cost you $200 easily if you drink wine, etc.

Wolfgangs Steakhouse

I have been to the one on Park Avenue and it is true elegance. Its ridiculously expensive but great to take a client or a "top place to eat on your trip to nyc" spot. Go with the steak for 2 and the potatoes au gratin.

Ben Benson\'s NYC

This is the place in NYC to go for Prime Rib. If you havent had it get that and the mashed potatoes + asparagus. You wont regret it.

Dylan Prime

Go with the filet mignon, it is the best I have come across. The place is cool too in Robert DeNiro's part of New York City.

Delmonico\'s Steakhouse NYC

This is another old but amazing steakhouse where there are always tons of celebrities and great steak lovers lining up to eat.

Old Homestead

This place is very old and very good. They have an $81 hamburger that I actually tried (split with 3 others) and we couldnt believe how good it was. Its an amazing burger and a historical landmark in nyc.

Angelo and Maxies - Park Avenue

This place has the best blackened rib eye steak in nyc.

Ben & Jack\'s Steakhouse - Midtown NYC

This place stole a bunch of people from Peter Lugers in brooklyn and the taste shows in the product. Highly recommended if you want Porterhouse and are in midtown.

Frankie and Johnnie\'s Steakhouse

This is an amazing environment and awesome porterhouse. Nice spot to take clients in midtown as well.

Gallaghers NY Steakhouse

This place is known for its hickory charred meats. If your in the 50s near broadway, this is a quality choice for steak.

Morton\'s Steakhouse NYC

This place has one of the best porterhouse's in the world for certain. I highly recommend it. Great place to sit and hang too. Amazing wine list.

Ruth\'s Chris NYC

I have eaten at this place at least 10 times. It is always awesome and a very classy environment to eat. They have great filet mignon and mashed potatoes.


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Posted 3 years ago

Very solid list. Four of my top five are here. My number 1 isn\'t on your list though! I assume it\'s because you haven\'t had the chance to go yet. Regardless, very solid list--I\'ve added a few places to my \

Posted 3 years ago
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