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Started by: webdesign on January 1, 2009

I have been to at least 500 restaurants in this region. Here are my top 5. Have you had any experiences in this area? If so, what do you recommend? ( Edited by webdesign )  

Top 5 Places To Eat In Central And Northern New Jersey
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Old Man Rafferty\'s - New Brunswick, NJ

This place is right across the street from Rutger's university. Very good atmosphere, prices are decent and the burger with fries is badass. They have about 100 desserts that always change as well.

Tomato Factory - Milltown, NJ

This is my favorite place to eat in NJ for Italian food. The owner is a great guy who is always there and comes out to greet everyone. Asks how everything is himself and takes a great deal of pride in everything being excellent. Go with the chicken francese over penne which comes with your choice of soup, I get the minestrone. They heat the bread which is nice on a colder night :)

Cheesecake Factory - Edison, NJ

This is a chain restaurant but the quality you get for your money is staggering. The food is amazing and the dessert rocks. Go with the Crispy Chicken Costoletta and Chris' outrageous cheesecake.

The Noodle House - North Brunswick, NJ

This is a really cool Asian fusion place that makes the best shrimp with pineapple dish imaginable. They may be they only place to make it, its awesome.

Benihana Tokyo - Edison, NJ

This is the best place for hibachi style food in NJ. I have been to countless others and noone is as good. GO with the chicken hibachi which gives you a shrimp appetizer, onion soup and get the chicken friend rice with no onions. Its so good you will order 2.


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