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Started by: xxmasinatorxx on June 25, 2008

We Need to talk : p ( Edited by xxmasinatorxx )  

Top 5 ways to dump a girlfriend or boyfriend
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put him/her to a very romantic place then tell him/her that it doesn't really work being together by now..

Posted 4 years ago

make your friend hit him and walk away and if he hits ur friend back go up to him and say dont hit my friend or i willl break up with you then have your friend go back and hit him again then if he hits ur friend again thin go up to him and say "Hey i gave you a warning that if you were mean to any of my friends again i i will break up with you and i already gave you your 2 warnings and you used them so GoodByee!"...

Posted 5 years ago

lol, good topic, allthough text message is the worst way ever, also by msn, but by text it's just... like umburto said... cruel

Posted 5 years ago

textings just cruel

Posted 6 years ago

Imagine over MSN

Posted 7 years ago

Good one on the text message : p

Posted 7 years ago
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