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Started by: mdudlik on January 10, 2008

I'm sure this comes up often. You want to make a small run of something, say less than 500 pieces, of a poster or a small magazine or something, but the big places are too expensive and Kinkos sucks, so where do you go?

I really don't know...
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actually, because of school and everything, we haven't gone to print yet. we're going to try for next month. 500 copies, looks like its going to be expensive because we're trying to do 4 color perfect bound, yikes.

Posted 6 years ago

Awhile back I helped a fellow coordinate the printing of a 100+ page book, perfect bound, black only inside, and full-colour cover. We gathered quotes from digital printers and traditional printers, and even at lower runs like 500, the traditional printers still came out cheaper due to economies of scale. I can't recommend a good digital printer, but if you're concerned about costs, it is definitely worth getting a few quotes. The range can be significant.

I see it has been three months since you posted this question. Out of curiosity, what did you end up doing?

Posted 7 years ago

are based* not are best* ugh, im slow today.

Posted 7 years ago

I'd like to mention that all my picks are best on a lack of experience. I'm really hoping you guys will know some good ones!

I personally am trying to find a place to print a less than 200 page magazine of about 400 copies, full color, for not $10 a copy! haha. help!

Posted 7 years ago
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