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Top 5 Cell Phones

While the iphone and blackberry go head to head, there are many other great cell phones that also deserve a spotlight in the world of communication. The sleek and slim Krazr, the Sidekick and the Treo to name a few.

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Things that suck about Apple

I recently purchased a MacBook after many years on a PC. While I'm in love with the form factor, I have to say that it's not nearly as "different" as I was led to believe. I still like it, but it certainly isn't perfect.

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Best tech blogs and websites

With all that's going on in technology, it's great to have a site or two to keep you up to date. Which are your favourites?

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Corliss Tech Review Group

Our substance is short yet to the point, and intended to challenge you to live in and nurture with IT technologies.

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What will web 3.0 bring to the internet?

some people believe web 3.0 will be the integration of data and interaction, where the internet acts as a personal assistant, adapting to your searches, understanding what you want, and being able to handle complex strings of data. What do you thi...

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The Best iPhone Apps

With the much anticipated release of the iPhone in Canada, I thought I would compile a list of the best apps for the iPhone. Get your votes in!

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LogicGateOne Corp.

LogicGateOne Corp is a top SEO outsourcing company based in Subic Bay, Philippines. SEO programs. Social Media Optimization.

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The Avanti Group

The Avanti Group Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government wants to increase incrementally a tax on sales over the next two years, however some economists fear the move could risk derailing Japan’s road to economic recovery. The plan proposes a thr...

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Top five tools

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Top Five Ipods

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