MakeFive widget

Lists are a great conversation starters, and with the new widget from MakeFive, you can add them to your website or blog instantly!

It's neat because it:

• It can show your selections or those of the community
• Quickly highlights what you're thinking
• Updates the community list in real-time as the voting changes
• Gives you new content for your blog (fast!)
• Allows your readers to have a say in the list
• Brings a whole new audience to your blog


How to do it

• Look in the right-hand column of any topic on MakeFive
• Find the box that reads "Copy to embed in your site/blog"
• Decide whose picks you want to show: yours or the community's
• Copy the text
• Paste it into the code of a post on your blog
• Pour a beer and drink
• Repeat as desired



MakeFive widget screenshot