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Tech/Internet People I'd Hang Out With

The tech world is filled with a lot of nerds. However, there are a few really interesting folks out there. Who would you be willing to hang out with?

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1. Steve Jobs Video

Steve Jobs is probably the coolest of the prior generation of tech dudes, and he's still around. He's an interesting speaker, and head of the most stylish company out there. Without Apple, gadgets would probably still be nerd territory.

2. Matt Mullenweg Video

Matt seems like a normal guy in interviews. He speaks calmly and comfortably, plus he takes some pretty nifty photos. Plus, WordPress is awesome!

3. David Heinemeier Hansson Video

Again, very cool guy, though notably less laid back than Mullenweg. Well, he seems laid back in his talks, but laid back in an aggressive sort of way. This is what I imagine a young Steve Jobs would sound like, if Steve Jobs were Danish. For a polar opposite, see Mark Zuckerberg, who actually kind of scares me.

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