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Top five online shopping sites

Oh man, once that credit card is in, who can resist the big shiny "Add to Cart" button. I love online shopping, especially from these fantastic shops!

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1. amazon.com

You'll always, always, always find a better price for new books on Amazon than Barnes & Noble or Borders. And for used books, Amazon is the absolute best source, since it's well categorized and shows you all the stuff you care about at a glance. Searching eBay for books is a pain because it feels like a thrift store; everything just feels clumsy and there's no standardization.

2. craigslist

You can find a lot of great deals locally (think chair, desk, lamps). And what's overnight shipping if you can get something same day by walking to the seller's house!?

3. Threadless

Great t-shirts with funny slogans or graphics. There are a lot of t-shirt sites out there so it's nice to settle down and just know that you'll find everything you want at this one.

4. etsy

Support the artisan movement! It feels great to know that you're buying from a real person working out of their home or small shop. No cardboard, just love.


5. Newegg

Newegg is a huge resource for computer products and peripherals, and they almost always have the lowest prices. The users are also very active with their ratings and reviews. If you're making a large purchase, Newegg is probably the best bet in terms of pre-purchase research.

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