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Best coffee shops in Vancouver

As much as Vancouver is known for rain, we're known for coffee. In fact, I'd argue that the rain in Vancouver is what creates this dependence. Regardless, if you're in Vancouver, here are the places that the Vancouverites believe make the best coffee.

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1. Aoyama Cafe

This is all new to me. Siphon brewing method in Richmond? Who knew Richmond was becoming so chique in method of brewing coffee. I'd say more advance than Vancouver because it's so set in its old or copycat ways. So as I'm intrigued and drawn to the barista scientifically brewing my coffee with what looks like a beak and bunsen burner in a science lab, I'm more intrigued how it is served in one of those then poured into my fancy china. All I can say is, ahhh now that was smooth and just what the doctor ordered. What a wonderful sight not to mention their food and desserts. Holy portion size! I took the new Canada Line to Aberdeen Station. What convenience. It's practically around the corner from a little Vancouverite looking for some neat experience. Nice, clean and chique ambience too. http://www.aoyamacafe.net

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