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Stuff You Love But Really Shouldn't

Guilty pleasure of sorts . . .

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1. Fast Food

Fast food is so much easier to do for lunch or dinner than bringing a lunch or cooking. That convenience paired with relative good taste makes it a hard vice to kick.

2. Soda

I've gotten better about not drinking soda but there are times and certain foods that just call for a soda and won't accept any substitutes. That's when you have to give in. Pick your battles.

3. Alcohol

My work can be stressful so I find myself craving alcohol sometimes more than others. It's a nice way to relax and it can help you forget the shitty day you just had.

4. Being Lazy

I really like being lazy. A lot. But I feel guilty sometimes and know I should more of a desire to get out and do something. I've never had that desire.

5. Speeding

I don't really like driving unless I can drive fast. I'm a good driver but I typically drive a decent amount over the speed limit. It's a lot more fun that way.

6. Shopping

I've always been a good window shopper but it's when the money starts flowing that it becomes a bad and dangerous love. My bank account suffers ...

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