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1. The Ring

The Ring is seriously freaky. The whole point of a good horror film is to watch it with your boyfriend/girlfriend is so if you get scared you they can comfort you. This movie is not to be watched alone. Well you can watch it if you seriously want to get scarred for life. For anyone who thinks their up to the challenge then be my guest. A movie about a video that will kill you 7 days after you watch it? Very scary. Not suitable for young children

2. The Grudge

A Japanese horror movie that is low on plot, but high on the scare factor. The 2 people that scare the pants off are deathly pale and appear in the least obvoius of places and when you least expect it. And they can turn into the people they have killed. Take this. Your sister has just come out of hospital and you hug her. She then turns into an onyo ( a Japanese word meaning someone was kill in a rage or sorrow) and kills you. and the curse goes on and on. Sooner or later it is going to reach us in this part of the world. Go figure.

3. Mirrors

Warning: Once you watch this movie, especially on your own, you shall be freaked out by mirrors for a week or so afterwards. Don's say I didn't warn you. I shall not explain anymore. I have a habit of making things sound less freaky than they really are. So just watch the trailer.

5. Saw

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