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Most forward-thinking design studios in Vancouver

As the title says...which design studios in Vancouver do you feel generate the most forward-thinking work? Here is what I think...feel free to agree or disagree, as well as add your own.

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1. SmashLab

Smashlab created makefive?! How can you not vote for them? Support the little guys with big ideas making it happen day-in day-out. See wikinomics! It all starts with an idea and a little gusto.. keep it up. T


2. Biro Creative

Elegant work for years. Studying design in Canada, as students we always scoured the firms with the top work, with attention paid to good design rather than growing market share and Biro often came out on top.


3. mod7

Started by Emily Carr University Alumni Wil Ardnt and Pete Hoang, mod7 has always been the innovator of innovators, bringing in international awards and esteem from the get-go. One of their early sites, "Pin Hole Spy Camera" used Flash sound and motion bound into an interactive project that today still continues to impress. T

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